Case Study

Time Savings Gained in Retrospective Study of Glioma

Response Criteria: RANO HGG/LGG
Site Geo: US
Phase: I/IIa

A biotechnology company conducted a partial retrospective review of its early phase study to provide updated and novel data regarding their therapeutic agent in advanced unresectable
solid tumors (gliomas). Scans for subjects were evaluated by MERIT readers in a single-reader paradigm. MERIT provided fast, accurate reads to support the company’s quick turnaround times.

Easy UploadTrackable & TransparentSingle Platform
Sites easily uploaded MRI exams to EXCELSIOR, our cloud-based software platform, bypassing traditional issues with hard copy media or specialized hardware and software applications.
Queries were quickly communicated back to the sites via EXCELSIOR, which made communication between MERIT and the sites real-time, trackable, and transparent.
MERIT expert readers utilized the same platform to access images and perform RANO reads.

Study workflows, MRIs, and independent read data were all captured in one secure, validated and FDA-cleared platform, making study processes flow together seamlessly.

RESULT: Time Savings

30% time reduction from resolving challenges with study start-up, read workflow, and data transfer


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