Partnerships with MERIT

Our decades of experience allow us to hit the ground running on your project.

 You can feel confident in our proven track record; MERIT has supported twelve of the top twenty global pharmaceutical companies. Our clients rely on us as a trusted R&D partner. With over 290 completed trials, MERIT has the experience to help you accelerate your product development. Our specialized expertise informs every facet of our relationship with you, making our partnerships simpler and more efficient.


Transparent communication with prompt access to in-house experts

Deep bench of experienced and tenured staff trained in industry sponsored clinical trials, with a dedicated team for every project

We are often able to provide competitive pricing and shortened timelines for our sponsors through efficiencies gained from decades of experience

Proven track record supporting FDA approval of numerous products

EXCELSIORTM, our cloud-based software solution, is designed for imaging studies and is FDA 510(k) cleared as well as HIPAA, 21 CFR Part11, and GDPR compliant. EXCELSIOR enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your imaging data collection and interpretation

MERIT’s innovative respiratory software application, CompleClinical®, simplifies and streamlines the pulmonary clinical trial process, improving the efficiency and accuracy of data capture, management,
and grading of spirometry data

Personalized attention, scalable solutions, and reliable clinical trial endpoint services

Our personalized attention and scalable solutions are designed for accuracy and efficiency. Gain peace of mind knowing that we’ll handle the ophthalmic, respiratory, and oncology aspects of your trial.


Connect with us to learn more about how our expertise and approach can support bringing your product to market on-time and on-budget. Your success is our priority.