Collect and Hold Services for Oncology Clinical Trials Securing Your Clinical Trial Images

MERIT’s Collect and Hold services are designed to support oncology clinical trials by enabling the collection and storage of high-quality imaging data in a centralized location, while maintaining patient anonymity and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This is made possible by our streamlined, end-to-end software platform, EXCELSIOR™.


Collect and Hold services include image collection and quality check, site support, and project management services.


MERIT’s Collect and Hold services are ideal for early phase clinical trials in which there is a need to collect longitudinal imaging data, or where centralized imaging review may be incorporated at a later point in time. Our services comply with FDA, EMA, and ICH guidelines, ensuring that all imaging data is collected and stored in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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Collect and Hold Services for Oncology Solutions Guide

This service provides clinical trial sponsors and research organizations with several benefits, including:

  • COST SAVINGS: Completely cloud-based with 24/7 availability of data saves clinical trial sponsors time and money.
  • ACCELERATED DRUG DEVELOPMENT TIMELINES: Imaging data can be collected and stored in a secured centralized location as soon as patients are enrolled in a clinical trial. You can analyze data quickly and make faster, more informed decisions.
  • IMPROVED IMAGE QUALITY: MERIT’s imaging quality control experts ensure the highest imaging data quality, with standardized acquisition and processing protocols, providing reliable and reproducible data.
  • REDUCED VARIABILITY: Imaging equipment and protocols differ from site to site, causing variability in imaging data. This is greatly reduced by meticulous processes in data curation at a centralized location.

Our Collect and Hold services are a standard low annual cost of $4,999 per project.


When the study expands to include reads and data management, you can even apply the Collect and Hold service fees towards the cost of the read.*

*Certain restrictions may apply.


Innovative. Proven. Experienced.

MERIT has provided image collection, centralized reading, and data management services for clinical trials since 2012.


Using our innovative and proven technologies and intuitive, seamless workflows, MERIT’s experienced staff bring more than a decade of clinical endpoint expertise to ensure the success and integrity of your independent imaging review studies.

  • Experience in managing clinical trials
  • Single platform for all study data, queries, reporting/tracking, image transfer and analysis
  • Oncology experienced staff
  • Step-by-step Imaging Protocols, SOPs, and document support
  • Indispensable regulatory support and guidance
  • Established, time-tested Quality Assurance, security, and data privacy

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