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MERIT’s EXCELSIORTM technology platform increases accuracy and efficiency by providing a suite of advanced endpoint analysis tools designed based on our extensive collaboration with biopharma companies.


With MERIT your study data and images can easily be shared between clinical sites, reading centers, CROs, and Sponsors for maximum transparency. This makes managing global trials involving multiple reading centers and analysis of numerous modalities not only feasible, but practical.

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    • CONVENIENCE: Cloud-based single platform offers quick deployment with no need to install software or configure firewalls
    • CONFIGURATION: Customizable configuration provides flexibility to address the wide range of workflow and data endpoints required for each unique study
    • TRANSPARENCY: The dedicated user roles, integrated query messaging system, and cloud-based service provides 24/7 real-time access and study progress transparency to all trial partners throughout the study timeline
    • SPLIT SCREEN: EXCELSIOR provides the ability to split a screen between two different images for different procedures which increases reader ease, efficiency, and accuracy. This comparative view can also provide the same imaging type at different timepoints, so more of a historical comparison for an individual subject and their progression using one specific procedure
    • COMPLIANCE: FDA 510(k) cleared medical device for ophthalmic and radiological indications, HIPAA, 21 CFR part 11, and GDPR compliant


    • DATA TRANSFER: Effective and instantaneous transfer of data from one location to another. Image data can be directly and automatically moved to the sponsor’s data warehouse for further analysis
    • REAL-TIME ACCESS: All stakeholders have real-time access to the curated data. Sponsors can view study progress and data in a transparent, secure environment
    • NO GEOGRAPHIC LIMITATIONS: With cloud-based data infrastructure, data can be viewed and analyzed anywhere
    • LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Latest web and imaging technologies for data cleaning, standardization, analysis, reading, and reporting
    • EFFICIENCY: Enhanced efficiency and accuracy for data collection and interpretation. Our data acquisition platform makes site queries more efficient

    EXCELSIOR reading form showing SD-OCT and FAF at screening:

    EXCELSIOR reading form showing screening visit microperimetry:

    EXCELSIOR historic view of baseline and subsequent timepoints:

    EXCELSIOR reading form showing target lesion at follow-up:

    Erickson, B. J., Kirk, S., Lee, Y., Bathe, O., Kearns, M., Gerdes, C., Rieger-Christ, K., & Lemmerman, J. (2016). The Cancer Genome Atlas Liver Hepatocellular Carcinoma Collection (TCGA-LIHC) (Version 5) [Data set]. The Cancer Imaging Archive. https://doi.org/10.7937/K9/TCIA.2016.IMMQW8UQ

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    MERIT EXCELSIOR Software Solutions Guide

    MERIT’s combination of advanced technology and exceptional service optimizes clinical trial stakeholders’ imaging strategy and enhances trial success.


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