Employee Spotlights

MERIT Employee Spotlight is a series featuring team members introducing themselves, outlining their role at MERIT, and providing insight into why they chose to work in the clinical trials industry.

Employee Spotlights

Alyssa Bartholomew
Imaging Quality Control Specialist II, Oncology

I am a certified CT/MRI Technologist and have over a decade of experience in Radiology. I love to share my knowledge base with my team and help out any way I can! I am so honored to be a part of the oncology research community....

Laura Rozek
Project Manager II

I have been in the Ophthalmology field for 24 years. Being a Project Manager means interacting daily with many departments at MERIT as well as Sponsors, CROs, and sites. We work as a collective team to make sure that trials run as smoothly as possible...

Stephanie Jacoby
Project Manager III

I thoroughly enjoy my work environment, particularly the friendship with my colleagues and the overall positive atmosphere. Contributing to clinical trials is deeply rewarding, knowing that my efforts play a part in advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes....

Emily Radar
Project Manager I

We have a great team of experts with an array of backgrounds and clinical experience, which allows us to look at issues from different perspectives....

Michael Wright
Database Administrator

Day to day, it is my coworkers that make MERIT so enjoyable – we have a wonderful cast of people who are fun to work with. Looking at the bigger picture, I love working in an industry where the primary goal is to make people’s...

Peter Cueno
Product Operations Manager

The Product Operations and Management (POM) group solves problems, and also proactively searches for solutions before something turns into an issue. From development to configuration and implementation to bug investigations and closeouts, the POM squad helps with all study phases in and out of EXCELSIOR....

LIN Chengyu
Associate Medical Director, China

I oversee our oncology medical affairs in China and provide medical support to both US and China teams. Our medical team plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of imaging evaluations during clinical trials....

Catherine Chintala
Director of Operations, Oncology

At MERIT, we collaborate closely with our Sponsors and part of my role is sharing expertise and knowledge with our biotech and pharma partners, especially if they are new to working with a core lab and central reading....

Amanda Weber
Partnerships Manager

Effective partnership management and relationship development are integral to the success of MERIT. The activities and contributions of our team are complementary to that of the medical and scientific expertise MERIT provides....

Gene Kim
Associate Director of Medical Affairs & Innovation, Oncology

As a member of our medical affairs team, I build relationships with our KOLs and radiologists to support our sponsors’ imaging outcome needs. I work closely with the EXCELSIOR software development team to integrate necessary features, response criteria, and eCRF functions that are aligned with...

Brittany Royster
Ophthalmology Imaging Manager

I work with the IQCS (Image Quality Control Specialist) team managing and monitoring the production, workflow, organization, evaluation, and site education for imaging procedures in our ophthalmology studies....

Executive Spotlights

David Huang
General Manager, China

As General Manager, I’m responsible for global strategy alignment and localization execution for MERIT’s China team. Collaboration between business development, project management, and imaging quality control is crucial to our effective partnerships with Sponsors and CROs. ...

Percy Wu
Director of Business Development, China

The China business development team works very closely with our operation and medical team members to engage with prospective clients even before the study starts, so our partners can be confident in our capabilities and experience....

Heather Baumhauer
Senior VP, Clinical Services

Within the MERIT Clinical Trials team, we see our Project Management (PM) division as the central hub, serving as the primary point of contact for both internal and external stakeholders, including sponsors, vendors, and sites, among others....

Julia Oxley
Vice President, Marketing, Contract & Partnership Management

At MERIT, we recognize that every client holds a unique position of importance, with distinct studies, approaches, and endpoints. Our dedicated team ensures that this individuality is acknowledged and leveraged to deliver exceptional services tailored to our clients’ specific wants and needs....

Shinji Yue
Vice President, Oncology at MERIT

All members of our team have extensive knowledge and experience in imaging endpoint process standards of clinical trials. Our key players include expert project managers, imaging specialists, data management personnel, data quality evaluators, quality assurance staff, and adept software developers....


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