MERIT Executive Spotlight:
Shinji Yue

Shinji Yue, MS, MBA
Vice President, Oncology at MERIT

MERIT Executive Spotlight is a series featuring executive team members introducing themselves and explaining why they chose to work in the clinical trials industry and at MERIT.

Shinji Yue leads the oncology commercial strategies at MERIT. He has 20+ years of global commercialization and market development experience in medical imaging, AI software, and medical devices for clinical trials. Shinji is responsible for growing the oncology business; developing commercial relationships with sponsors; and building and managing an exceptionally talented team. He received his MBA in Marketing and Finance, MS in Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology, and bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology.

MERIT’s Biggest Asset is Our Team

One of the best things about MERIT is how we provide added value to complex clinical trial projects through our talented team.

All members of our team have extensive knowledge and experience in imaging endpoint process standards of clinical trials. Our key players include expert project managers, imaging specialists, data management personnel, data quality evaluators, quality assurance staff, and adept software developers.

Our team offers not only deep scientific expertise, but we are also committed to providing exceptional service. At MERIT, we value partnerships and are proud to be a resource for the industry. We aim to be welcoming, courteous, and supportive of our partners’ needs. We are always ready to help, and we’re agile and easily accessible.

MERIT fully recognizes that having such a dedicated team requires resources and support from top management. We believe in professional growth through work/life balance and encourage our employees to work hard and devote time to family, friends, and activities.

What Brought Me to Oncology

My dad had liver cancer when I was in the military service. At that time, there was no treatment for most cancers. Very little was known about liver cancer disease. In his final two months, he was very frail and was in and out of consciousness. He died about eight months after his diagnosis. I went into this field to do my part to help cure cancer.

My Work/Life Balance

My hobbies include gardening and learning how to fix cars. I am also an archery coach and competitive judge, and the Team USA/Massachusetts shooting coach and instructor. I reside in the Boston area and have three daughters.