Info Sheets

Our Info Sheets are all downloadable and include helpful checklists, challenge and solution guides, and additional brief cheat sheets.

When Has a Clinical Trial Ever Followed a Script?

MERIT’s customer service approach is unique. Find out how we drive study milestone achievement and increase site engagement.

Why Do You Need a Clinical Endpoint Expert? Top 4 Reasons

Any sponsor or CRO managing a drug development program that requires imaging endpoints knows the challenges that can arise. To address these challenges, you need a clinical endpoint expert. Here are four reasons why.

Do You Feel Like You Have Only One Choice for Your Respiratory Services Provider?

MERIT represents a reliable alternative in respiratory service providers, offering agile and attentive centralized spirometry expertise.

4 Main Challenges & Solutions for Spirometry in Clinical Trials

The right centralized spirometry partner can support your team and help you find efficient, reliable solutions for respiratory trials.

5 Common Imaging Study Challenges in 2023 & How to Solve Them

Keep an eye on these 5 common imaging study challenges as you’re planning your 2023 trials.

Decentralized Clinical Trial Technology Partner Checklist

Download our checklist for reference when selecting a DCT technology partner.


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