Endothelial Cell Count Analysis

Endothelial Cell Count is an important measurement to evaluate corneal endothelial cell health when diagnosing and managing different corneal diseases and assessing safety profiles for ocular procedures. Accurate evaluation requires each single endothelial cell to be identified properly. MERIT provides masked, independent ECC reading, as required in many ocular clinical trials.


MERIT provides ECC analysis for the following ocular clinical trials:

  • Corneal dystrophies, corneal edemas, keratoconus, etc.
  • Cataract surgery
  • Intraocular Lens (IOL) implants
  • Safety assessment for intravitreal injection (nAMD, DME)
  • Safety assessment for ocular implants (Glaucoma)
  • Safety assessment for eyedrops (dry eye disease, etc.)


Training & Certification:

  • MERIT employs rigorously trained and certified graders who specialize in Endothelial Cell Count (ECC) analysis.
  • These experts operate within MERIT’s standardized, quality-controlled system to minimize inter- and intra-grader variability.
  • Their proficiency allows them to identify artifacts and account for irregularly sized or shaped cells effectively.

Global Site Network:

  • MERIT has cultivated strong relationships with over 200 clinical trial sites worldwide.
  • Many of these sites have collaborated with MERIT across multiple trials, making them intimately familiar with the established processes and procedures.

Cutting-Edge Software ExcelsiorTM

  • Our proprietary cloud-based platform, EXCELSIOR, significantly enhances imaging data collection and analysis.
  • Partners benefit from real-time access to data, ensuring timely decision-making and safety monitoring.

MERIT remains committed to advancing clinical research through expertise, collaboration, and innovative technology.