CompleWare Releases CompleClinical® 2.0

Improved User Experience Highlighted in New Version

IOWA CITY, IA (February 6, 2018) – CompleWare announces the release of version 2.0 of their flagship eClinical software solution, CompleClinical. Version 2.0 focuses on an improved user experience by offering enhanced reporting performance, smoother navigation between modules, and standardized window behavior throughout. In addition, the software includes new desktop shortcuts and easy‐to‐access task bar icons. CompleClinical 2.0 provides greater flexibility to the user from previous versions by no longer requiring a browser after the initial application launch.


“The release of version 2.0 marks a major milestone in the ongoing development of CompleClinical and our dedication to its evolution,” said CompleWare’s President, Dr. John M. Weiler. CompleWare, committed to user‐focused development, conducts user surveys at the end of each clinical trial, incorporating this feedback in future releases.


About CompleClinical

CompleClinical is a comprehensive eClinical solution for trial data management. Designed for seamless implementation, practical use, and straightforward control, CompleClinical enables rapid setup with existing applications and hardware. From capturing and validating, to sorting and reporting, CompleClinical software ensures global site data are accurate, secure and available on‐demand through a single point of access.


About CompleWare

CompleWare offers respiratory‐focused Contract Research Organization (CRO) services and software to the clinical trial industry. CompleWare’s eClinical software application, CompleClinical, provides fast, accurate and reliable data management solutions for clinical research programs. This proprietary software consolidates global clinical trial data and allows clients to have real‐time access to information they need to make better decisions.


CompleWare pairs its software with integrated clinical research services. From traditional clinical trial services to specialized respiratory studies, CompleWare provides an all‐in‐one solution for clients. Sponsors trust CompleWare for complete, integrated and efficient solutions for their entire trial. For more information visit the website, follow us on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, and like us on Facebook.