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Fundamentals of iRECIST and Imaging Endpoints


Fundamentals of iRECIST and Imaging Endpoints


Immunotherapeutic agents such as PD-1 inhibitors have demonstrated efficacy through many clinical trials. However, these agents have shown a novel response pattern termed pseudoprogression. iRECIST provides guidance for solid tumor response criteria in immunotherapy to accommodate possible pseudoprogression, which may occur in some subjects. In this presentation, MERIT discusses the rules and principles of iRECIST, imaging endpoints, and special considerations for using iRECIST response criteria.

3 key questions
that are answered:

  • What are the principles of iRECIST and how does it differ from RECIST 1.1?
  • What are the important elements for iRECIST data collection and imaging endpoints?
  • What are the special considerations for iRECIST?
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Seokyeong (Gene) Kim, PharmDCLINICAL SCIENTIST

Gene is a Clinical Scientist providing subject matter expertise and helping design and configure MERIT’s flexible oncology reading platform to accommodate various reading paradigms. He has experience in evidence-based patient care and academic research, a background in pharmacy, and 6 years supporting clinical trials. Gene implements software workflows to support oncology trials with response criteria such as RECIST 1.1, iRECIST, Lugano, and RANO, and helps to increase the efficiency and accuracy of clinical data collection for imaging endpoints. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has a bachelor’s degree in Neurobiology.

Amanda Weber

Amanda spearheads Business Development at MERIT and has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of consultative selling, from existing account management, lead generation to needs analysis, and client service. She is responsible for initial outreach communication while helping to identify new business relationship opportunities across MERIT’s therapeutic areas of expertise. Amanda researches, analyzes, and communicates the technological, demographic, financial, regulatory, and competitive factors that affect the business development strategies of MERIT.


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